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Monday, April 29, 2013

Really, what's going on with gold?

The gold price, hovering around $1400 an ounce can only signify one of two possibilities.

A) this is all part of cynical games and manipulations by the banking cartel and should simply be ignored by long term investors.

B) This is an early warning sign of a horrible and crippling deflation of which the banks and the Fed are well aware. 

If case A) do nothing,  Ignore it.

If case B) this gold action can only mean that the money closest to the money creation (the Fed and the Banks) are front running the collapse by shorting commodities while pumping the paper stock market up to bubble highs before they short that to oblivion too. 

In this case everything will collapse.  Meanwhile the Central Banks will fight the collapse with more and more paper, all the while knowing they will fail. 

At some point paper will collapse and we will experience a horrible depression with civil unrest and food and water and energy shortages.  Gold and silver and probably vodka and bottled water and bullets will become cash-like commodities.

Possibility C) - that the global economy is healing is a sad joke belied by five years of 0 percent global interest rates, five years of Sub 2 percent global growth, and a massive ratcheting up of already unsustainable debt levels.

So let's hope for A) - this is all some sort of cynical manipulation.

Because it it's B) well, you get the idea...

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