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Saturday, April 13, 2013

GOLD DIVE: What do you think?

With gold plunging to "bear market" lows, how you react is a product of how you think.


A. Do you think the global economy is healing under the brilliant leadership of a tiny group of Central Bankers who, in their infinite wisdom are guiding the grotesquely over leveraged 60 trillion dollar world economy into safety and prosperity?

B. Do you think that this small unelected socialist committee, tasked with creating hundreds of trillions of dollars to give to the small socialist banking committees running the worlds banking conglomerates, are somehow saving the world's Free Market Capitalist System?

C. Do you believe Free Market Capitlalism and World Banking Socialism are able to flourish together and create a new Global Hybrid Prosperity?

D. Do you think this Unprecendented Experiment in prosperity through Global Central Planing is in the process of creating more jobs, more universal wealth, more spending, more profits for all?

E. Then sell all your gold.  Buy paper money put it into the riskiest derivative assets and structured products and ride the markets to infiniti. You're bound to end up very very rich.



A) Do you think that The Socialist Global Banking Cartel has no idea how (and no inclination to) save global Free Market Capitlism.  They're only desperate wish is to preserve the current wealth/power structure for as long as possible.

B) DO you think their attempt to control and manipulate every market in the attempt to create the perception of a global Wealth Effect is only able to to create short term bubbles that will eventually pop and give way to a terrible crashes?

C) Do you think that printing money to give to the banks to gamble and manipulate the risk markets only creates ever more dangerous bubbles that will leave the markets in tatters when they bust?

D)  Do you read QE INFINITI and Perpetual ZERO INTEREST RATES as Lif Support for a dying global economy.

E) Do you read desperate Socialist Remedies as fundementally incompatible with any idea of Free Market Capitalism?

F) Then use this dive in gold as a god send.  Wait till it bottoms, then back up the truck.  Because when this Frankenstein's Experiment in Money Printing ends, the only currency with value will be gold.

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