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Monday, June 18, 2012

When will gold take off again?

When will gold take off again?

If this were a real market I'd say it already has.  There's a wonderful, big fat Island Reversal with a nice retest.

If the Gold Market existed as part of an interwoven matrix of a real markets, with real investors, it would be easy to tell.

But there are no real markets anymore.  This is just a massive global rigged casino operated with Funny Money printed and distributed by the Global Central Banks. 

There's a huge difference.  So in the short run you can't tell a damned thing. 

But rigged casinos make forecasting the Long Run much much easier than forecasting the long run of  Real Markets.

Because Rigged Casinos always move towards their intrinsic value of their Funny Money over the long run: which is to say: Zero.

And when the Rigged Casino moves towards Zero, Gold moves towards Infinity.

Of course, Gold is not going to infinity.  But it is going up.  Over the Long Run.  Anyone but a stooge of the Rigged Casino System can see that.

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