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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let's check the score board

A huge debate is raging: is gold still a good buy?

Leading Team Gold right now is: John Paulsen, Kyle Bass, George Soros, Marc Faber, the wealth management team at Goldman Sachs and the central banks of China, Turkey, Vietnam, India, Russia, Mexico and Thailand.

Leading Team Paper is the James Paulsen, Ric Edelman, Jonathan Burton, Lewis Braham, the Wealth Management team at Merril Lynch and the IMF.

Join your favorite team.

Meanwhile for those who were afraid that Congress just doesn't get what's going on in the world, TAKE COMFORT!  There are those in congress who are very much on top of  the crushing issues of the day:

House Adopts Measure to Halt Light-Bulb Efficiency Law

Republicans in the U.S. House adopted a provision designed to save traditional incandescent light bulbs by blocking what one lawmaker called the “energy police” from enforcing an efficiency standard.

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