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Friday, June 10, 2011

Our next president:

This lady is on a hit TV show where she plays a cool star CIA operative - with no experience or training! Still, she's great at it. And what legs! Following her in this network's lineup is a dude who plays a star lawyer - who's never even been to law school! He has great legs too - and a winning smile! Of course these dramatic shows have tremendous competition from the reality shows on the competing network starring real people with no education or skills - also with great legs and winning smiles - who compete for millions of prize dollars!

See how useless education, training and job experience is?

Over in the other Hollywood in Washington, we have a Republican presidential field led by two bona fide Reality TV show stars with little or no political experience - and one of whom has the added appeal of no real education or business experience, and the other of whom has managed to run an inherited real estate empire into bankruptcy - competing against a president with all of 2 years of experience as a chief executive before taking over the presidency who's trying to fix a broken economy with the help of a Chief Banker who's never worked a single day in a bank.

Gee, which TV lineup is less believable?

Meanwhile over in the sports world - the man we anointed the best basket ball player who ever existed - even before he'd played a single professional game - has finally gotten into a real life NBA finals where he hasn't been able to make a single shot in a pressure situation.

Now, I get that this "Can-do attitude" is a charming American attribute. But to extend it ad absurdam to the idea that anyone without any training or experience or education can do anything with a little pluck, charm and great legs is simply idiotic in a stupid television program - or in a professional sports league - but it's nothing less than terrifying in the political arena.

I realize that the "Founding Fathers" were all cool can-do types too. But they were cool can-do types who were real life soldiers and bankers and students with years and years of real life education where most them learned to read and write - not just in English - but in Latin and Greek, and most of them spoke French so that they could read all the source documents in the original languages they were written in so that when they wrote their own documents - like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution- they actually made sense!

Anyway, I know that was a long time ago, and people aren't like that anymore. But the problems we need to solve now are just as complex as the problems these Founding Fathers had to solve - but the characters we're electing to solve them unfortunately aren't.

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