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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anthony Weiner's Penis photo

No, sorry, that's not a photo of Anthony Weiner's penis. For that you'll have to tune into Fox News, which running stories around the clock, a week after this Scandal of the Century broke. Of course, I agree, there's no story quite so important as a congressman sending photos of his penis to a woman. And his name is Weiner. Get it? Penis - Weiner. Get it?

This phallic-looking graph is actually a representation of the way the total debt market had DOUBLED five times since 1970 - when the US went off the gold standard that tied monetary creation to the amount of gold stored in government coffers.

In spite of all the lip service right now that our fine politicians and pundits are giving to the debt crisis, we are right on schedule to double again in the next five years.

Total Debt Market is all debt - not just government but also corporate debt - financial sector debt - and private debt. It just keeps doubling.

Why? Because there is no money to pay it back. All we can do is default or borrow more to pay the interest.

Get it? That's a good one too. Default or borrow more just to pay the interest? Get it?

And here's the biggest joke of em all: That doesn't even include the QUADRILLION dollars of debt derivatives that the Financial Sector ha created in the last 20 years. Get it? Ha Ha. Get it?

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