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Friday, September 12, 2014



ISIS is composed of 10,000 rag tag fighters who have now been equipped by the US to fight against the US in a war the US is proposing.

At the same time the US press and diplomatic corps have systematically elevated this pathetic mob to EXISTENTIAL THREAT AGAINST AMERICA, that will necessarily draw us back into a ground war in the middle east!   After all they've already killed two Americans.

But throughout thousands of years of diplomatic strategy there has been another solution that has traditionally worked beautifully while saving trillions of dollars in military industrial spending and millions of lives.

Traditionally, we, and every other thinking nation has simply installed and supported a local STRONG MAN to deal with this type of local situation.

Ronald Reagan did it in Iraq with advisors, money, and military eqipment.  The Strong Man was a guy called Sadam Hussein.

He was brilliantly effective.  He held his brutal neighbors like Iran in check.  There were several fundementalist uprisings.  Remember the 1991 fundamentalist uprisings?  Crushed.

Sure, he used poisoned gas, supplied by the US, which later, some moronic US leaders used to justify removing Saddam Hussein.  But at the time it seemed like a pretty damn good deal for us.  Some dead fundementalists, a stable Iraq, a cowed Iran.  At nearly no cost to the US.

Sure, old Saddam went off half cocked at times and invaded Kuwait, where his soldiers ate all the animals in the Kuwaiti zoo.  Yes, we had to push him back into Iraq.  But George Bush senior brilliantly recognized the very insane brutality of this despot made him the perfect ally for us.

Who would dare raise their head in Iraq, with Sadam Hussein in control?

And what do you suppose would happen to ISIS under Sadam Hussein?  He would gas them all to death, take their bones and make instruments out of them and force their relatives to play the instruments in cages for his amusement.

Then we could wring our hands and say how terrible that is, all the while thanking our lucky starts for a good old fashioned Strong Man who can take care of problems for us, for which we are completely ill equipped - at no cost.

But wait, there was a strong man in Iraq, right?  Sadam Hussein, right?

Whatever happened to him?

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