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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Are you a conservative?  A liberal?  A Tea Party Patriot?  A Democrat?  A Republican?

Are you involved in the Health Care Wars?  The Fracking Wars?  The Culture Wars?  The War on Christmas?  Are you for standing up to the Russians?  Standing up to the Chinese?

If you identify yourself with any of these mini-ideologies you're playing right into the hands of the Big Banks.  You might as well be in the employ of J P Morgan.

Because you will read every current event in terms of how it plays politically for your self identified party.  And then you will necessarily miss - not just the Big Picture - but the Only Picture.

The world is now a series of Economic Zones.  The people who rule these zones don't have political affiliations.  They act in the political world.  But they are motivated by one thing and one thing only:


And the only War worth worrying about right now is the Global Currency War. China, Russia, India and Brazil and all their clients and allies want one thing, and one thing only: That international trade be settled in their own currencies, and that the dollar is cut out of all settlements not directly involving the US.

Because they know that right now Settlement Currency : Reserve Currency is the weapon of the 21st Century.  And everything else is smoke and mirrors.  Because global debt levels are so incredibly high, economic existence depends upon other countries needing your debt to settle trade agreements.
The banks and all their infotainment clients (Fox CNBC Bloomberg etc.) downplay it.  Most of them don't even acknowledge that it's real.  Because to acknowledge it focuses attention on it.  In stead, they want you worrying about ridiculous minutiae so they can suck as much capital out of the system while becoming monolithic power structures that can never be dismantled, and never be allowed to fail, no matter what happens in the broader economy.

And guess what: The banks have achieved this.

While liberals and conservatives bicker over health care and pipelines.

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