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Monday, April 7, 2014

4 coins coming up that would be cool to own:

C. Caesar Octavianus
(D) Aureus (7,97g), Heeresmünzstätte in Norditalien, August-November 43 v. Chr. Av.: C CAESAR COS PONT AVG (teilweise in Ligatur), Kopf des Octavianus n.r. Rv.: C CAESAR DICT PERP PONT MAX (teilweise in Ligatur), Kopf des Iulius Caesar mit Corona Aurea n.r. Crawford 490/2, Albert 1548, CRI 132, C 2 (500 Fr.), Calicó 52c.
Gold RR s.sch.

  Starting price: 60'000 EUR

This coin bears the only portrait of Julius Caesar in gold.  And though this particular specimen is fairly worn it's still better than most, and of a very pleasing style.


Ancients:Roman Republic, Ancients: Marc Antony as Triumvir (43-31 BC). AV aureus (21mm, 8.06gm, 4h). ... Image #1Ancients:Roman Republic, Ancients: Marc Antony as Triumvir (43-31 BC). AV aureus (21mm, 8.06gm, 4h). ... Image #2 

Rare Antony Portrait, Ex Mazzini
Marc Antony as Triumvir (43-31 BC). AV aureus (21mm, 8.06 gm, 4h).  Mint traveling with Antony in Asia (Ephesus?), early 41 BC. ANT AVG [ligatured] • IMP III • V R • P • C, bare head of Antony right / Pietas standing left, holding tiller in right hand and cornucopia cradled in left arm, stark standing at feet to left, PIETAS • COS in exergue. Crawford 516/1. Sydenham 1173. BMCRR Gaul 69. Babelon, Antonia 43. Cohen 76. CRI 240 (this coin shown). Calicó 103 (this coin illustrated). Very rare! One of the finest examples extant of this rarity, with a distinguished pedigree. NGC (photo-certificate) XF★ 5/5 - 3/5.

  Current Bid: $28,000

This is certainly the finest gold portrait of Marc Antony.  For whatever reason almost every portrait of this important Roman is cartoonish.  This is one of the very few portraits in any metal with sensitive and somewhat realistic features.


Decadrachm 405/400. Signed by Euainetos. Charioteer driving galloping quadriga to l. and holding kentron in r. hand, reins in left. Nike flying above and crowning charioteer. Under exergual line: a military harness, shield, greaves, cuirass and Attic helmet all connected by a horizontal spear, [AΘΛA] below. [ΣΥ-ΡA-KO-Σ- IΩN], wreathed head of Persephone-Kore to l., wearing triple-pendant earring and necklace. Four dolphins in field. (EY-AI)NE below lower dolphin. 42.82 g. Gallatin obv. R. IV / rev. C. XII. SNG ANS 365. Gulbenkian 313.

Though the obverse is somewhat worn on some of the horses, the metal appears to be of good quality and the full image is on the flan.  The reverse Arethustra is spectacular and of wonderful style.  And the signature is visible.


Fifth Democracy, 214-212. 16 Litrai - Tetradrachm 214/212. Laureate head of Zeus to l. Rev. ΣYPAKOΣIΩ(N) Nike driving fast quadriga to r. and holding reins in both hands, kentron in l.; beneath on r. ΞI. 13.38 g. Burnett, SNR 62, pl. 8, D3 = Gulbenkian 358 (same dies). Hoover 1411. Very rare. Attractive light toning. Superb, powerful portrait. Uncirculated

Starting price: 60'000 CHF

There appears to be a very light double striking on the reverse legend and perhaps a light scratch down the eye on the obverse.  Otherwise terrific quality and a magnificent portrait on this very rare coin.

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