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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Got a million bucks lying around? Try this.... Or maybe that....

Estimate: 1'000'000 CHF

Numismatica Ars Classica   |   Auction 77   |   26 May 2014

 Greek Coins
Tetradrachm signed by Kimon circa 405-400, AR 16.90 g. Head of Arethusa facing three-quarters l., wearing pearl-shaped pendant and necklace over collier ornamented with pearls; hair flowing in loose tresses; across her forehead, ampyx, on which the signature KIMΩN. Around, two dolphins swimming among the locks and a snout of a third emerging from curls l. Above, outside dotted border, APEΘOΣA. Rev. ΣYPAK – OΣIΩN Fast quadriga driven l. by chiton-clad charioteer, holding kentron and reins; above, Nike floating r., holding wreath to crown the charioteer. Beneath the two further horses, an overset column (meta); in exergue, ear of barley l. Rizzo pl. XLVIII, 10 (this obverse die). Gulbenkian 292 (these dies). Kraay-Hirmer 122 (this obverse die) and 123 (this reverse die). Kunstwerke der Antike F60 (this coin). Schefold WM 492 (this coin). Tudeer 79 (these dies). Extremely rare and undoubtedly the finest specimen known. The greatest masterpiece of Greek numismatic art and work of the most talented master-engraver of the period.

Or, if you're way too sophisticated for coins you might prefer this:


Jeff Koons’s “Balloon Dog (magenta).” The big magenta (above) was purchased by an unknown telephone buyer for $58.4 million from the previous owner, publishing magnate Peter Brant. 

 Koons conceived of the Balloon Dog series in the nineties, and while the orange version was among the first created, it was ultimately just one of a litter of five—each with a “celebrated collector” of its own

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