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Saturday, November 9, 2013



Obamacare has become the new litmus test of political moral identification. 

The brain dead on the left insist that somewhere, off in the future, America will rejoice over the justice and equality provided by this system of medical service. 

The brain dead on the right insist that Obamacare will not only bankrupt the country but that it is a Saul Olinsky Inspired plot to destroy America.

The simple fact is that Obama doesn't care a whit about the quality of health care.  And Obama doesn't care a whit about Saul Olinsky, Marxism or destroying America.

Obama cares about Obama.  Just like Ted Cruz cares only about Ted Cruz. 

Marxism, Capitalism, Freedom, Tyranny, Free Markets, Socialsim blah blah blah are empty words used by the chattering class to imply moral superiority or moral inferiority in their followers and their opponents.

Right now Me First is the the only religion and the only political identification.

Obamacare, for example, is simply a policy cobbled together by the party who had temporary control of the legislature and the Insurance Companies.  Exactly like the system that preceded it.  Exactly like the system that will replace it.  The winners, as always, are, and ever will be: the Insurance Companies.  Because they pay off the politicians.  And the politicians only care about being elected and seeing themselves on television.  There's nothing more to it than that.  None of them care a whit for Saul Olinsky or Marx or Jefferson or the Founding Fathers or any other moronic catch phrases they use.

And as long as the pundit class keeps insisting that they do nothing will ever change.

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