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Saturday, September 21, 2013

delusions of freedom

In Ancient Greece, Luo meant both to Free, and to Destroy.  This was because to the Greeks, very much like the Eastern Hindus from whom the Greeks borrowed their entire Dyonisiac tradition, Freedom is not possible while one is bound by the chains of desire.  To the Greeks, one was free when one destroyed the chains of desire.  Thus the Greek ideal of the Golden Mean.  Moderation in everything.  The moderate man is Free.  His chains are destroyed. 

They had no concept of "Capital."  The concept of amassing for the sake of amassing simply did not exist. 

This is not to say there weren't greedy Greeks.  Of course there were.  But they were not lionized, idealized as paragons to be emulated.

In modern America, Freedom means the ability to indulge in whatever one wants, whenever one wants, to whatever extent one wants - regardless of how this indulgence affects one's neighbors.  So we have a population of obese, cell-phone addicted, prescription-drug addled, morons.  And anyone who takes issue with this "Hates Freedom."

Noone is served better by this Delusion of Freedom than the Big Banks.  The United States Bankers and Shadow Bankers (insurance companies, investment banks, hedge funds) exist to suck potentially productive capital out of the system into their own pockets. 

There is no functional oversight.  Everyone in the government is bought and paid for.  And the Myth of Freedom dictates that anyone who even notices this extraordinarily corrupt Banking abomination must Hate Freedom.  Or is waging "Class Warfare."

The myth dictates these bankers are sucking all the capital out of the system because they are "Smarter."  And they are the "Job Creators."  We must idolize them, not criticize them.  If we notice their extraordinary greed and corruption, we're Jealous, and we Hate Freedom.


But realize this.  The faster the Banks suck capital from the system, the more debased the system's CURRENCY becomes.  There's no way around it.  Because the entire  Banking Scheme is founded on a mountain of DEBT.  They suck capital through leveraged gambling.  Leverage means Debt.  And the Central Banks fund the entire scheme with ever more printed money.  Which means ever more debt.  Because printed money is simply an instrument of debt.

And as the debt mounts, the currency debases.

Which means that over time Hard Assets will be the only reliable store of wealth.

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