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Friday, August 26, 2011

More Silly Games

Gold dropped 200 dollars in two days. On the second day it turned around and ran up 70 dollars off the bottom. The next day - today - it jumped another 60 dollars.

Today the stock market dropped 200 dollars then turned around and climbed 337 dollars off the bottom. All because: A) GDP came in 1 tenth point lighter than expected. B) Bernanke didn't announce QE3 - yet. C) Hurrican Irene is on the way. D) The Vix had run up to unsustainable levels and when it came in 5 percent traders jumped on Spiders to ride the inevitable spike on light volume.

Or E) More silly games.

Trading is fun. Especially when you can borrow billions from the Fed and use the cash to run the markets anywhere you want - in the very short run. That's just the way a rigged casino works - for Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan.

It's just astonishing that all the rest of the little guy Hedge Funds and Pension Funds and Investment advisory services are still pretending it's a market.

Several prestigious newletter writers pronounced the Gold bull Dead two days ago because the 100 dollar drop came off of historic highs and ended up below the lows of the previous day: An "Outside Reversal Day."

Several Other prestigious advisory services announced that today marked the beginning of a new upleg in the markets as the Fed is done interfering (yeah sure) and corporations are sitting on record profits and record cash level (not counting their record debt levels).

As if any of that matters in a rigged casino.

Gold may go up 100 dollars Monday - if Hurrican Irene is real bad. Or if blah blah blah. Or it may go down 100 dollars. Rough on you if you're trying to trade it.

The market may go up 300 dollars Monday if Hurricane Irene is just a blip. Or it may go down 300 dollars. Rough on you if you're trying to trade it.

But hear this: Nobody - not the Fed - not Goldman Sachs - NOBODY can change the primary trend of a market over time. Nobody.

And hear this: Primary Trend Gold: UP. Primary Trend Stock Market: Down.

That's all you need to know to make money.

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