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Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to lose a country

The problems facing our economy are complicated, but not nearly so complicated, say, as solving the problem of unified field theory, or let's say solving Fermat's last theorem, or solving the Rosetta stone - all of which we (as the collective human race) have accomplished (or quite nearly so with unified field theory.)

There are plenty of people out there who know exactly how to solve our economic problems, who have seen them developing over the last twenty years, and who have been loudly warning anyone who would listen.

The problem is not that we can't figure out what to do. The problem is that Americans - and Europeans - conservative and liberals all - have become such whiny snot nosed little brats that they'd rather die as long as they can take their enemies down with them. Obama has pointed this out about Republicans. Rush Limbaugh has pointed this out about Democrats. They're bother right.

Unfortunately neither can see the exact same trait in themselves. They all want to spend borrowed money ad infinitum - on their own priorities. Republicans on war, and courts and prisons to legislate domestic and world morality at a cost of trillions a year, and Democrats on Social Programs to legislate domestic morality at a cost of trillions a year. '

They're so similar that they hate each other to death. And everyone else unlucky enough to be caught in the middle. Which is pretty much everyone else in the world.

So why can't we vote these murderous hate mongers out of office ?

Because the US public has become terminally stupid. Sorry, but there it is. We vote for these clowns because we can't think this through ourselves. It's easier to just get angry and join one hateful side or the other and feel morally superior for doing so.

The solution is simple: Stop spending on ALL this crap, and reform the absurd tax code.

But until Americans learn how to learn again, it won't happen. (which won't be soon as long as public schools are a joke, and the cost of private school through college is about half a million dollars a child). And until it does the only thing that will benefit is GOLD.

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