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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Sources have ascertained that Donald Trump is in negotiations with HBO and NETFLIX to produce the first 24 hour streaming reality series, should he be elected president of the United States.

Trump will reportedly receive 100 Million Dollars to star in this 24 hour format reality series, tentatively entitled "Mr. President."

Additionally, Trump's wife, super model Melania Trump will receive an additional 100 Million Dollars to co-star in the 24 hour series.

Other Trump family members are in negotiation to provide cameos, particularly Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump.

At this point it is not yet known how cabinet and staff members would be included in the series.

Sticking points are said to include discussions over whether cameras will be permitted in the bathroom, bedroom and personal changing rooms of Mr and Mrs. Trump.

A purported separate deal is being negotiated that may include a second show to run concurrently with "Mr President" on HBO 2 that will be entitled "Mr and Mrs President Uncensored," in which the first couple will include access to all bathroom and bedroom activities to an adult only audience at a pay per view price of 100 dollars per 24 hours of viewing time.  The First Couple is said to have been offered up to Five Hundred Million dollars for the Adult Only show.

Talks with the network are ongoing.

Updates will be provided as they occur.

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