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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Beware "They"

"They" have become the staple of most every American commentator from pundits to self styled Messiahs.

"They" are dense, hate-filled, jealous, greedy, plagiaristic, lying, power hungry, traitors.

"They" can be conservatives, liberals, rinos, feminazis, ideologues, the paper pushers, Big Oil,  Big Wall Street, the gold promoters, banksters, lawyers, mulsims, jews, ivy leaguers, academics, career politicians, community organizers, Mexicans, Arabs, Israelis, Big Pharma, the military industrial complex, frackers, socialists, the liberal media, the vast right wing conspiracy, the war on women, the war on Christmas, the gays, the extremists, the evil doers, the freedom haters, the welfare parasites, the lame stream media, the one percent, the 99 percent, sheeple.

"They" have many epithets, but They are always those who disagree with You.

In their disagreement "They" are stupid, uncreative, unproductive, self interested, power mad, uneducated, over-educated, ungrounded, stuck in the mud, blind, undiscerning, indiscriminate, prejudiced, fascist, communist, traitorous, Statist, morons.

"Their" great virtue, is that the mere existence of "They" means you never have to defend your point of view, because "They" are too pig headed to entertain views different from their own, so why bother?

You're so obviously right about everything, and "They" will never admit it.  So no need to defend your views calmly and logically.  If there's one thing They can't tolerate it's calm logical defense of your views.

So save your breath.

All the geniuses of the world, the creative, brilliant, outside-the-box thinkers already agree with you.  So why waste your time convincing "They."

"They'll? get their comeuppance.  Believe you me.

They'll all be Royally Screwed when the shit hits the fan.

Then They'll be sorry They didn't listen to You.

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