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Sunday, April 5, 2015

beware of Messiahs

There is only one way to survive the coming crash: Develop your own views, then hope you're right.

Or, you could follow a Messiah.

There's no dearth of Messiahs on the web.

Here's the thing about Messiahs.  If any one of them had a way of timing, beating, or just making money from the market, they sure as hell wouldn't be sharing it with you.

Every last one of them is selling you something.  Their proprietary method, program, theory, designed to out manoeuvre,  out-trade, out manipulate the markets.

Give them money and they'll do it for you.  Or send them money to subscribe to their news letters, trading sites, their computer programs.  In some cases, their all knowing Artificial Intelligence Systems that have solved the "Theory of Everything."

And why are they doing this for you?  Because they want to "help the little guy."  They want to "Even the playing field."  They want to "give something back."  They want to "usher in a New Age."  After all, they're not greedy little men and women, they're MESSIAHS.

Honestly, if you're bright enough to even follow their convoluted arguments, which a often times filled with half truths and three quarter truths, you should also be bright enough to see where they are faking it.  Where they are conning you.  Where they are out right lying.

Take the time to find the flaws.  Because in the world of trading, which is the world of investing, which is the world of preserving your wealth, the only winners are those who think for themselves.


That's just the way it is.

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