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Monday, January 19, 2015

NY Times Best Seller list (Non fiction)

NY Times Best Seller list (Non fiction)

1.  "My Opinions about Stuff People Seem to be Talking about these Days" by Thomas Friedman

2. "My Opinions on Stuff that I Think Might be Going on in General" by Malcom Gladwell:

3.  "My Opinions about Assholes who Disagree with my Opinions" By Rush Limbaugh

4.  "My Head just Exploded" by Glenn Beck

5  "My opinions about a bunch of Spiritual Crap" By Deepak Chopra

6  "My Opinions about where all the Stock and Commodity Markets should be Trading" By Bob Prechter

7 "My Opinions about Women" By Machmoud Abbas

8  "My Opinion on Everything Here in my Wheelchair" by Stephen Hawking

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