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Friday, January 3, 2014

The Verdict is IN: Money printing causes prosperity.

The economy tanked in 2008.  Since then the Fed has given 30 Trillion dollars away, primarily to the Big Banks, and look what happened: The stock markets soared.  Employment increased.  GDP has soared above 2 percent.  Housing has recovered.  Sharp traders are flipping houses again.  Manufacturing has recovered.  Car sales are booming.

There's only one conclusion.  Money Printing works.  The only question is: if 30 Trillion printed dollars can create this much prosperity, why not print 300 Trillion?  Think of how great things would be then.

Of course, at some point, when the economy starts to accelerate ON ITS OWN - we can remove the stimulus.  But until then, why not print a trillion dollars and give it to every man woman and child in the country?  Then we'd all be as rich as your average hedge fund manager.  We could all buy our own jets and our own mansions and our own trophy wives and husbands.  We could all have our own reality TV programs.  We could all have our own private sushi chefs.  And our private sushi chefs would be trillionaires, so they could have their own sushi chefs.

Why not?  This is America, where everything is possible in this best of all possible countries.

Don't listen to all those sour morons warning about the dangers of money printing.  Can't they see we're in the midst of the greatest stock market rally in history?  Things are good.  Stop worrying and start spending your trillions.

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