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Monday, February 11, 2013

The certainty of now.

Predicting the future is a fool's game.  Other than to say big, powerful, unexpected crises will occur and totally damage all models and predictions, anything else you predict is pretty much spitting in the wind.

Predicting the present is much easier.  And predicting that the things that are happening right now - that are being largely ignored - will have great consequences - is a pretty sure bet.

For example - money printing.  Yeah sure, "everyone" knows the government is printing money.  But how much?  And how is it being distributed?  Who's getting it?  Who isn't?

Go on, ask your neighbor.  Google it.  Try to get a straight answer - or any kind of answer from 99 percent of your human acquaintances.  Chances are they don't know.  Chances are they don't really care. 

So predicting that all this money printing will have an enormous effect on the quotidian economy is more than a safe bet.  It's a certainty.

Will that effect be Inflationary - Deflationary - cause a total collapse - provoke a world war - induce totalitarian government, cause massive food shortages, etc etc?

Who knows.

So what good does it do you to know it will produce a huge effect?

A lot of good.  Because all of these outcomes share one major characteristic.  They are hugely destabilizing to the quotidian economy.  To your daily life.  To your economy.  To your Oikonomos: the way you manage your household.

So do all that you can to become as stable as you can right now.

To me, that includes owning some physical gold because if the destabilization is caused by massive money printing - you're going to want a certain amount of stable currency - at some point.

And unfortunately, when that point comes, it will certainly be too late to get any.

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