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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Negative GDP? Who cares? Nothing to see here.... Move along....


“I’m not going to say growth is particularly strong (if you don't believe negative growth to be strong growth), but this is not a recessionary signal by any means, (if you don't define a recession as a contracting economy)” said Paul Edelstein, director of financial economics at IHS Global

“statistical noise in the defense and inventory components” means it’s best to look at the average pace of growth over the second half of the year to get a better understanding, economists David Greenlaw and Ted Wieseman at Morgan Stanley in New York, said in a note.
The .1 Percent US Negative GDP matches the Negative GDP in the Eurozone and the 1 percent negative GDP in Japan.

Meanwhile, there's a raging debate amongst analysts as to why gold is languishing at 1680.  "Answers" include: an improving economy, overwhelming deflation,  mistrust of the ETF's, good crisis management by the central banks blah blah blah etc etc etc.

There's also a raging debate amongst analysts as to why the Dow is nearing all time highs as the economy shrinks.  For answers, see above.

There's also a raging debate as to the sustainability of zero percent interest rates.

There's also a raging debate as to why the Emperor is running around naked.  Answers include: he's wearing clothes, we just can't see them, he's wearing clothes and we see them but we don't realize we see them; He's wearing a suit made of skin...

The fact is gold, the Dow, Gold, Rates are all MANIPULATED BY THE CENTRAL BANKS AND THE GLOBAL BANKING CARTEL, so that we won't notice the economy has stalled out.

No one can see this, because it's so painfully clear.  Nobody can believe this because it's so patently obvious.  And no one can admit this because then all their analysis is so much worthless blather.

One more thing: The Central Banks can not control consumer willingness to spend money they don't have.  There's nothing they can do but keep rates at zero, keep stock prices high, and hold gold down.  But in the end: Demographics are Destiny.  And all that won't help a drowning, starving middle class buy more VCRs and Cell Phones.

Yes, it's still working somewhat now.  I know.  I have a cell phone too.  But don't bet the house trying to outmaneuver  the inevitable.

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