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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meaningless phrases of 2012

10 Meaningless phrases of 2012 that should be abolished in 2013

Main stream media:  A phrase used primarily by media personalities (and their acolytes) who spend 24 hours a day on TV, Radio and Various Internet and mobile Outlets to describe other such media personalities who disagree with them.

If you will... If I may.  Meaningless space fillers that try to make a banal points sound interesting.

I get it... but  A phrase that attempts to discount everything about an opposing argument without bothering to do any rhetorical work.

Dysfunctional Government.  Clearly redundant.

Class Warfare.  A phrase used by the Entitled of all classes to attack those who question their entitlement.

Common Good, Common Ground, The Commons... None of these things exist anymore.  Why pretend?

"I have the utmost respect for my esteemed colleague but..."  Come on, why bother?

"Let's be honest..." If you have to say it, you're clearly way out of practice.  Sort of like calling your news station "Fair and balanced."

Deficit Reduction.  With 16 trillion dollars of Federal debt growing at 3 trillion dollars a year (by GAAP accounting) and an additional 120 Trillion dollars of off balance sheet Federal debt - in a 13 Trillion dollar economy that's growing at less than 1 percent a year when you count in real inflation - really, what could "deficit Reduction" possibly mean?

Freedom Loving the ultimate meaningless Us versus Them slogan.

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