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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Where is Gold Headed?

I can tell the future: Just look what's in your hand.

It may not be true for certain individuals.  Some individuals work hard and are full of brilliant insight, and they change their cicumstances.

It may not always be true for every institution.  Very occasionally an institution will fall into the hands of a few energetic visionaries who are capable of altering its course.

Once in a blue moon it might not be entirely true of a country.  Sure after a total economic collapse, or the deposing of a horrible tyrant, or the devastation of war, there's nothing in your hand, so the future must be written.  Other than that try to think of an instance of a voluntarily adopted dramatic change of course.

But when you're talking about a Global Economy dependent on many countries and countless institutions, the possibility of a true change of direction without the condition of total economic collapse is inconceivable.

Gold is the measure of effectiveness of the Global Economy.   

Gold is going up as Global Economic Debt and Corruption are going up.

Debt naturally compounds because of debt interest - and because of the financial institutions that are dependent on debt for growth.  

Corruption naturally compounds like a virus as it seeps into the consciousness of everyone it touches.

Gold is the only currency that holds no debt and can not be printed and distributed to a favored class.

Now, most pundits will bloviate endlessly about valuation models, relative strength indicators, historic valuations, wave theory, moving averages, sentiment indicators, the psychology of crowds, etc. etc.

Sure, on a nano-second basis these might possibly make some sense to someone.

But the Wheel of History is turning, and nothing will stop it but bottomless chasm.

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