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Thursday, July 26, 2012

is the gold correction over?

Is the gold correction over?

Yeah, probably.

Most technical analysts believe so.  Most analysts predicting the future based on market sentiment believe so.

The fact is if you're smart it doesn't matter.  If you're smart you're buying bullion - especially on the dips.  And you're not trying to call bottoms and tops.  That's a fool's game.

The fools calling bottoms and tops will call a thousand bottoms and a thousand tops and then point out a particularly good call in retrospect - leaving out all their misses.  Then they'll try to sell you on themselves, and their pet investments schemes.

If they were smart enough to call a bottom or a top, they'd be smart enough to be amassing bullion and they wouldn't care about bottoms and tops.  They'd know we're in a multi-year bull market that will go on until MONETARY STABILITY has been restored to the GLOBAL MONETARY SYSTEM.

When will that be?


Considering the fact that the global banking system is firmly in control of the global political system, that won't be until sometime after hell freezes over.

So don't hold your breath.

And don't be a moron.  Don't time paper gold.

Buy real gold.  And lots of it.

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