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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where is gold going short term?

Where is gold going short term?

Over the next 3 months?  Over the next month?  Over the next 30 seconds?

How about over the next nano second?

Here's how you can tell for sure:  Get a common house fly, let it loose in your bedroom.  Shut all the windows and doors.  Then chart it's movements for several hours.  Study the tape for days and days.  Get another house fly and then try to predict its movements based on the movements of the first housefly.

Repeat this exercise for weeks on end.  At some point you'll know exactly where all the financial markets are headed in the short run.

How about this: Where is gold headed over the long run?

To answer this, figure out the currencies in which gold is quoted.  Chart the movements of the Central Banks that issues those currencies.

Then you'll know exactly where gold is headed in the long run.

Both exercises can be tremendously profitable.

I've personally had a lot more success with the second one though.

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