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Friday, May 11, 2012

JP Morgan loses another 2 Billion of your money

JP Morgan Bank, one of the principal owners of the Federal Reserve Bank, announced yesterday they had gambling losses of 2 Billion Dollars of money they stole from the tax payers.

How exactly did they steal this money?

 The FED printed it up, and "lent" it to them at ZERO PERCENT, thus proportionately diluting all the rest of the TAXPAYER'S MONEY.

Bad J P Morgan!  We thought we told you to stop gambling with money you're stealing from our pocketbooks!  Bad!

What?  You think this is funny?  Then wipe that smile off your face.  What you did was very very bad.

Gosh Darn you, you promised!  Part of the "tough" Dodd Frank Financial Oversight Bill was the JP Morgan and other banks would voluntarily wind down this type of proprietary gambling with public funds.

Hey!  You guys promised!

Why you!  If you keep gambling away all our taxpayer money, why we'll .... we'll be forced to stand out in Zuccotti Square and sing songs at you.

Watch out JP Morgan!  You better promise not to do that again....

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