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Friday, March 30, 2012

Money Draining out of Stock Funds, while the market soars:

This amazing chart shows money bleeding out of stock funds (red) while the market soars (Black).  

Why is money draining out of stock funds?  Well, according to the Financial Industry Geniuses on TV, it's because small investors like you and me are just dumb and we get everything wrong.  But Golly, Gee Whiz, if we wouldn't touch the market with a ten foot pole, because, in our feeble opinion, it's a rigged casino guaranteed to rob us of all our hard earned cash, then who on earth is causing the market to soar?

Yes, my friends, who could it be?  

Why, it's Super Ben, the Trader-in-chief, faster than a front running super computer, able to fix global economies with a single trade!  Yes, Super Ben, single-handedly saving the US Economy by printing trillions, giving it away to the banks, who then pour it into risk assets, and then award themselves trillions more in bonuses.  

Super Ben, who, disguised as mild mannered Fed Chair, Ben Bernanke, fights the never ending battle to prop up the bankrupt Banks, prop up the risk markets and squelch the gold price, all in pursuit of Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

So don't worry your feeble little minds about all this terribly complicated stuff.  Super Ben, Trader-In-Chief, is at the helm, and he'll do all your thinking for you.

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