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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GEE - It's not so easy if we don't get to cheat!

Goldman Diaspora Falters as Flamand Hedge Fund Declines

Ex-Goldman Sachs (GS) Group Inc. traders led by Pierre-Henri Flamand and Morgan Sze raised more than $4.5 billion for their own hedge funds, helped by the experience of having worked at what once was Wall Street’s most profitable securities firm. 

So far, none of them has made money for clients. 

The two are among at least six traders who have left Goldman Sachs’s biggest proprietary-trading group in the past two years, which the New York-based bank shuttered in response to new U.S. regulations. All, including Daniele Benatoff and Ariel Roskis, trailed this year’s stock market rally after losing money in 2011, investors said.  

Goldman Sachs - a BANK as well as a trading outfit - has extensive ties to the FED, as well as massive FRONT RUNNING SUPER COMPUTER.  They're also used to "borrowing" unlimited funds from the Fed to drop on thin futures markets - like the precious metals - and pushing them around for free profits.

Hedge Funds don't have all these advantages.  GEE - IT'S NOT SO EASY WITHOUT EXTENSIVE INSIDE INFORMATION - AND TRADE- CHEATING TECHNOLOGIES - IS IT GUYS? Just ask your buddy John Corzine.  I guess now it's time to start stealing again.

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