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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crisis Fatigue

CRISIS FATIGUE is the new catch phrase.  What does it mean?   It means "If you don't have something nice to say about the economy then just shut up."  We're sick of hearing about it, chicken little.  Keep all that negativity to yourself.

Things aren't so bad.  Apple made a ton of money this quarter.  A ton.  They invented a phone that can talk to you, for christ's sake.  Where's the crisis in that?  Your phone talks!  Get it?  You can ask it for directions, if you're too stupid or lazy to look at a map, and you don't even have to read the screen.  It will talk to you.   Right out loud.  How in hell can there be a crisis when your phone can talk to you?

As for Europe, well, everyone knows all about that.  Tell us something we don't already know.  And the banks, and the debt, massive unemployment, income disparity, and spending and the political gridlock.  YAWN.  Like we haven't heard all about that a billion times.  Half of all mortgages are still underwater?   Too big to fail financial institutions are getting bigger?  Negative rates are forcing old
savers to live off cat food?  BFD!  Shut up already.  We have Crisis Fatigue.  We don't want to hear about no stinking crisis no more.  Yeah, some people may have it rough.  Even most of them have phones that talk.

Our phones talk.  Don't you get it?  They talk.  When our phones stop talking, then maybe we can talk about Crisis.  Until then, just shut up already.

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