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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Republicrats agree: Budget Impasse makes great TV

Top celebrities from both the Republican and Democrat parties came together last night in a closed door meeting and were able to agree that the Budget Impasse made for great TV.

What with stiff competition from the white trash chick in Florida who chloroformed her baby to death, and the Frenchy from the IMF who raped the black Muslim hotel maid/hooker, as well as the usual screwing, drinking and barfing on all the current reality shows it takes quite an extreme spectacle to grab and hold the US Television audience.

But with the country set to default on trillions of dollars of debt which could send the entire world economy into a depression celebrities from both parties are relishing the chance to bask in the spotlight.

"Maybe we haven't raped anybody lately," quipped Republican Dick Durbin, "But you'd have to rape and kill a lot of people to compete with the threat of worldwide chaos and depression."

The sentiment was gleefully echoed by everyone from the President on down to rabidly excited commentators on Fox, CNBC, Bloomberg, and the ABC radio network.

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