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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Result of Financial Repression:

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After 30 years of Financial Repression - in the form of negative real rates which constitute a heavy tax on the household sector and an enormous subsidy to the banking sector and the corporate sector - the vast middle class of the United States feels angry and cheated.

Financial Repression also takes the form of other policy initiatives that result in an outcome where worker compensation has sorely lagged worker productivity for 30 years.  This also constitutes a tax on the household sector and a subsidy for the corporate sector.

Few understand this, but everyone feels it.

We all feel screwed.

We all feel cheated.

We all feel angry as hell.

We all want somebody to stand up and screw and cheat somebody else in return.

Enter Donal Trump.

And the more he pledges to cheat and screw OTHERS the more we love him.

Unfortunately, Financial Repression is very hard to understand.  It shouldn't be.  But it is.

And we all want to get someone back.  So rather than direct our intense anger at the source of Financial Repression: The Fed and our own Government, we direct our anger at the easiest targets: IMMIGRANTS.

The goddam brown people who are stealing our jobs and murdering our grandparents.  If we screw and cheat them we'll all feel better.  And the more Donald Trump pledges to screw and cheat people the better we like him.

Of course, the corporate/banking/government sector that spawned him - that taught him to cheat and screw - doesn't like him.  Because he'll cheat and screw them too, if it profits him.  And right now, it does.  He'll screw every last one of them if it gets him the presidency.  Everyone and everything.  And we love him for it.

We reap what we sow.

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  1. What I’m seeing is that fewer people are buying into the status quo. They know the Left owns the media, and the Leftist media have done themselves no favors by incessant reporting of government/corporate corruption and incompetence. People know politicians are corrupt bumbling beauty contestants, in bed with big business. They’re tired of fighting foreign wars. They see the growth of the rich and the poor class and the destruction of the middle class. Now the media cries “foul!” when a guy appears on the political spectrum who doesn’t give a damn about them or their opinions, and says what he wants and doesn’t apologize or show shame for it. This breeds revolution (or at least contrariness) in the electorate! Even big business is wary of criticizing Trump until they see a change in the polls.
    Liberals have never been comfortable around people who have wealth, and people, being a mob, are easy to brainwash, so the media TRIES to control thought by slagging Trump and his money. Remember Perot? He was rich and intelligent. That’s why he was so easy to target. Trump is harder because he appeals to the mob within people. All Trump has to do is plug into a mob’s thinking: “hang the Negro” or “Hillary is a bitch” or “Mexicans and Muslims are terrorists”. Add to that a country on the brink of financial collapse, and you've elected a guy who promises to fix it all, get those trains running on time again. Yeah. There will be a change if he gets elected. Good or bad? time will tell.

    The local Canadian news was going on and on about Syrian refugees coming to Canada every day, like parents telling their kids the new puppy is coming any day now! OOOH! how exciting. Yes. More mouths to feed, more dole to pay out, more deadbeats to house, more people sponging off the health care system.

    I’m not anti immigrant, but I object to politicians using their mandate to dump on the taxpayer by dropping more and more useless mouths onto our backs. Look at Europe! They are on the brink of breaking up the EC because Germany wants to take in 4 million of them and spread them over the Union. Using the 2% rule of criminals per population, anywhere up to 80000 of them could be prone to violence (old study done back in the 1970’s and still accurate today). Now add in Islamic sympathizers and malcontents? Good luck, Europe. There are neighborhoods in Brussels, England, and Germany that non-muslims must stay away from for fear of violence or death. Not even police can go there, only the military. No wonder France is getting ready to elect an anti immigrant president. No wonder The Balkans are closing their borders. No wonder Greece resist letting immigrant boats land on their shores. No wonder England is threatening to separate from the EU.

    I once believed that all you had to do to pacify even the most blood thirsty religious group was bring them to a place where they could be free, and those freedoms and the ability to work and live in peace would resolve the hate.
    How can that happen when the Americans and Russians are fusing the sands of the middle east into a sheet of glass? They have destabilized Northern Africa, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria, hell, pick one! The Russians are standing up to the Yanks in Syria because Radical Islam is spreading like wildfire and in danger of causing a world war. And that idiot lackey president in Washington with his running dog Kerry are too ignorant of history to see the damage they are doing, are too busy giving money to corporations to build 12 billion dollar planes rather than get boots on the ground and run that scum ISIS into their graves. The Nato lapdogs are responsible for the terrorism and the refugee crisis. They created radical Islam. They created ISIS. Now they are paying for it.