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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


In order to enforce all the Legal Taxes and all the Policy Taxes that are currently crushing the middle class the government has figured that they need to track, record and then ultimately outlaw cash transactions.  If everything is electronic they can take out "their share" on a per transaction basis.  And then again at the end of the year.  And in between, if necessary,

So what's the remedy?

The major time tested remedy has always been GOLD.

Ah, you object,  "But gold isn't Money!"

Yes, that's a very fashionable objections.  But it is simple minded doggerel that rests on the misunderstanding of money..

What is Money?

Money, you say,  is simply a medium of exchange.  Everyone says so.

But what does that mean?

Anything and Everything can be a medium of exchange.

If I'm bigger and stronger than you and I want your car, my fist can be the medium of exchange.  I'll trade you a punch in the nose for your car.  What are you going to do about it?  Then my fist is money.  Or if I just have to threaten you and you turn it over, then my threat is money.  By your definition of money.

This is precisely why the Greeks and then the drafters of the Constitution in this country decided that only Gold can be money.  Because they were tired of a punch in the nose being money.  They knew money MUST BE A STORE OF VALUE.  That way nobody has power over your transactions.  You are the boss of your transactions.

This is the genius of the Greek conception of gold as money.  It is the basis for democracy - of the system of society wherein the Private Citizen has ultimate power over his own transactions.

And it is still so today.  More so than ever, because we are in a global economy. And if a government in one place decides to outlaw gold or tax it outrageously, there are always ways of trading it in another place.  Or another country.  It's not necessarily easy.  But it is well possible.

And it is the only form of money that provides any protection from the Punch In the Nose form of money currently being championed by dimwits thugs the world over.

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