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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The crash has begun in the real economy

Graph: Gross Domestic Product/ Adjusted Monetary Base:


This graph shows money turning over in the real economy.   (as opposed to money being gambled in the risk markets) does this mean? 

This graph shows how many new dollars that the Government prints reach the average citizen.   How many new dollars given to the banks are being lent out to create small businesses, to create new jobs, to make real things that require the purchase of real materials that require the manufacturing of other real things that employ other real citizens etc. etc.


The answer is now ZERO.


So then, where does all the newly created money go?

It goes to the banks who gamble in the risk markets, and then award themselves huge bonuses.  It goes to the corporations who buy back their own stock.  And then award their top officers huge bonuses.


But what about the great employment numbers?  A statistical mirage created by the BLS Birth/Death ratio.

Not a single dollar of newly printed money is going into creating small businesses, hiring new workers,  creating real things.   So money does not MULTIPLY.  It does not TURN OVER IN THE REAL ECONOMY.

This is According to the Government's own computations.

The crash has begun in the real economy.

How long before it reaches the risk markets?

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