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Monday, May 11, 2015

BLS makes up 213,000 New jobs. (from the daily pfenning)

Well, the BLS had their say on Friday at the Jobs Jamboree, telling the world that the U.S. Job Creation for April was 223,000.  


What they failed to tell the world, is that after their surveys were finished, they took it upon themselves to add 213,000 jobs so they could reach 223,000!  

Yes, in a time when small business deaths are greater than births, the BLS saw to it that they ignored that, and added 213,000 jobs out of thin air!  

Now. riddle me this Batman.  How does a jobs report that was basically "made up" give an indication that the Fed was correct that the bad data for the last 6 months was only "transitory"?   

What's that you say? It doesn't? That's it Batman! You found the answer to the riddle!  Now, if only the markets would see it that way.

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