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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

If we're in a recovery....

Just a few questions.

If we're in a recovery:

A) Why are Fed Funds rates still at zero?

B) Why are real rates still negative?

C) Why is the ten year still below 3 pecent?

D) Why is the Fed still pumping money into the banks at the rate of  85 billion $ a month?

C) Why is the Fed still buying 90 percent of all new Treasury issues?

D) Why is the participation rate still at 20 year lows?

E) Why is household income still falling and back to where it was in 1990?

F) Why is household income adjusted for inflation back to where it was in 1970?

Sure, analysts who make many millions of dollars a year see that the economy is pretty good.  Because for them - and all their friends - it is.  

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