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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

behind the numbers:

Retail sales:  are higher retail sales the result of more expensive necessities: food, gas, heating, gas-based products, health costs, education related costs, car repairs etc?

or are they discretionary?

Employment:  are very slightly lower unemployment claims the result of good paying jobs that can support a family,

or are they reflective of low paying part time work?

The stock Market: is the high dow and sp reflective of a strong economy?

or is it reflective of printed money given by the Fed to the banks who are then gambling in the risk markets?

The Vix: is a record low vix relective of a strong economy that is getting stronger by the day?

or is it reflective of massive complacency in the face of unsolved problems?

Housing: is an improving housing market reflective of a mending consumer balance sheets?

Or is it reflective of artificially negative rates guaranteed indefinitely causing new mis-allocations of capital?

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