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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coin Auction season: Collect only the finest examples:

As time goes on the middle class is being crushed.  While the rich get richer and richer.  Bear this in mind when forming your collections.  Buy only the finest examples.  These will always appeal to the very rich.  The middle class collector who simply collects average examples for the love of history will soon be a thing of the past.  All objects will be seen by the rich as alternative investments to paper:

Rich-Poor Gap Widens to Most Since 1967 as Income Falls

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
A teenager who collects bottles and cans and lives in a city shelter walks near Times Square in New York City.
A census report showing median household income fell last year puts a new focus on the biggest issue of the U.S. presidential election. And it’s likely to be deployed by both candidates to reinforce their campaign themes.

The U.S. Census Bureau figures released yesterday underscored the struggles of American families in a sputtering economic recovery. The report also showed the income gap between rich and poor people grew to the widest in more than 40 years in 2011 as the poverty rate remained at almost a two-decade high. 

Median household income dropped 1.5 percent last year while the proportion of Americans living in poverty was 15 percent, little changed from 2010. The 46.2 million people living in poverty remained at the highest level in the 53 years since the Census Bureau has been collecting that statistic.

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