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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What could stop gold?

What could stop gold?

The only thing on earth that could stop the rise of gold is if you see Newt Gingrich, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama, Eric Cantor, and Chuck Shumer appear on a stage all together holding hands and saying:

"We are all so very sorry for the way we've been behaving. It's shameful. We've been acting like ugly petulant selfish mean-spirited children. But we understand now that we are not more important than this country. We've decided to come together and do the following:

"First we are going to audit the Fed and end the absurd practice of printing money to give to the banks so that they can gamble it in the risk markets and award themselves huge bonuses thereby destroying the value of the dollar for everybody else.

"Second we'll close down the 178 military bases we can not afford. End the three pointless wars as of today. That alone will put the country solidly back in the black. Sorry, but you can't be an empire when you're bankrupt.

"Third we'll raise the Social Security retirement age to 78. If you can't work that long, change your damned lifestyle.

"Fourth we'll drastically overhaul the bankrupt portion of medicaire and medicaid. Many people will suffer. For that we're sorry, but then many people always suffer.

"Fifth, we'll add a value added tax on all luxury purchases. If you can afford a damned yacht you can afford the tax on it.

"Some people won't like some or all of these things. Tough. Vote us out. But not before we save the country. Thanks, and good night."

Until you hear that, keep buying gold.

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