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Wednesday, March 13, 2024



Question: You've "missed" the gold run up.  It took you by surprise.  You'd like to get in, or you'd like a bigger posisiton but you don't want to chase it.  What to do?

Answer: You do not trade gold.  You invest in gold.  Huge difference.

The only way to invest in gold is through real physical gold.  There are many ways to buy real physical gold. My preference is to buy US gold Eagles and an assortment of shorter print World Gold that has interesting historical themes and designs taken from the dies of master engravers - such as is done at the Paris Mint or the Royal Mint (great Britain) or the Royal Dutch Mint.  

But research it and find what you like.

But the whole point of Physical Gold is that:

A) it's real.  You possess it.  When the electricity grids are hacked it doesn't matter - you still have it.

B) You won't be tempted to TRADE it.  Trading gold is an idiot's game.  because your oponents are the Bullion Banks that own the Fed and can trade is such volume that they will run your stops, or just run you out of your positions with sudden wild moves and then when they reverse course you have nothing.

If you subscribe to a fool proof trading system that can beat the Fed and its bullion banks then you're such a dope you might as well give your money away to charity- it will do more good then winding up in the vault at Chase.

So buy real physical gold, put it away, then buy some more.   It doesn't matter what price because in serveral year it will be much higher, as long as history's greatest DEBT SPIRAL continues - which is for the forseeable future - meaning at lest the next 20 years.

If you can't understand why gold must appreciate - then don't buy it in the first place - it's not for you anyway.

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